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Mehrnaz Zand

Front-end developer, based in the Netherlands

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Violin project preview

Violin Landing page

I entered the world of front-end development by gaining knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I used my knowledge of these languages to build a landing page about Violin. The page utilizes JavaScript functions to create user interaction.

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Weather App

I built a Vanilla JavaScript weather app in SheCodes Plus, an advanced 8-week JavaScript coding workshop. Building upon my previously-gained knowledge, I also became skilled in Bootstrap, API’s, real-life development workflow, hosting, and advanced JavaScript. I combined all of these skills to create a fully-functioning weather app.

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Weather project preview
Dictionary app preview

Dictionary App

I immersed myself in React development in SheCodes React. I used my knowledge of this highly-demanded framework to build a working dictionary app incorporating coding best practices, along with the most popular tools and technologies.

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